Understanding the Problems

BESTMED CEO, Phil Offer joins an episode of Talking HealthTech and with host Sophie Turner,  discuss the issues faced in aged care and how technology can be used to overcome these challenges.

The discussion revealed that medication errors are one of the biggest challenges in aged care. The Royal Commission received a staggering number of complaints, with 1077 people reporting medication errors – a figure 50% higher than any other issue raised. These errors can have severe consequences for frail individuals, often leading to falls or adverse reactions. Approximately 20% of unplanned hospital admissions among the elderly are related to medication complications.

The Role of Electronic Medication Management Systems

The Power of Connection

BESTMED’s unique approach lies in connecting aged care, pharmacies, and doctors. By integrating technology, they have created an all-encompassing medication management system that addresses the challenges faced in aged care. This system emphasises the power of connection among all stakeholders involved in the care process.

Benefits of Electronic Medication Management

Electronic medication management systems serve as a solution to minimise medication errors and streamline processes. These systems provide a digital platform for accurate medication tracking, reducing the risk of data duplication, errors due to manual entry, and the need for transcribing. Through real-time access to one unified medication record, healthcare providers can avoid medication-related incidents and deliver precise care.

Challenges in Implementing Electronic Medication Management Systems

Regulatory Changes and Priorities:

Aged care facilities face a seismic change in regulations, making it challenging to prioritise system implementation. With evolving funding models and increased scrutiny from regulators, aged care providers must navigate numerous changes simultaneously. Failure to comply with regulations can result in heavy penalties, impacting the availability of services and potentially costing the facility millions.

Workforce Challenges

Another obstacle mentioned is the challenge of attracting and retaining skilled staff in the healthtech industry. The shortage of adequately trained professionals poses difficulties when implementing new technologies within a facility. BESTMED acknowledges the importance of addressing this issue to ensure successful adoption of their solution.

Electronic National Residential Medication Chart (eNRMC)

BESTMED’s Solution

BESTMED’s electronic medication management system, which predates the eNRMC standard, participated in early trials and is now fully compliant with its requirements. The insightful discussion highlighted the transitional phase involved in ensuring seamless implementation. Once the transition is complete, BESTMED’s system will seamlessly integrate with individual health records, pharmacies, and doctors, providing a comprehensive medication management solution.

Government Incentives

To encourage the adoption of electronic medication management systems, the government has initiated grants for aged care facilities. These grants vary based on geographical location and the facility’s purpose. By offering financial incentives, the government aims to expedite the implementation of these systems across the industry. The success of this initiative is evident, with approximately half the market already penetrated by such systems.

Implementing Electronic Medication Management Across Stakeholders

Coordination and Stakeholder Benefits

Implementing electronic medication management systems across aged care facilities, pharmacies, and doctors requires coordination among all parties involved. However, what sets this initiative apart is that each stakeholder benefits directly from the system. By providing access to one unified medication record, healthcare providers can avoid data discrepancies, minimise medication errors, and improve patient care quality.


This conversation highlighted the pressing need for effective medication management in aged care. By embracing electronic medication management systems, such as BESTMED’s offerings, aged care facilities can connect stakeholders, reduce errors, improve patient safety, and streamline processes. The successful implementation of the electronic national residential medication chart demonstrates the potential impact of technology in revolutionising healthcare delivery to the elderly population. With continued support and collaboration between industry, government, and healthcare providers, the future of aged care can be transformed, ultimately benefiting the individuals who depend on these services.

As published on the Talking HealthTech Podcast on 7 November, 2023.

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