Australia’s best medication management network.

BESTMED has grown into Australia's leader in medication management, connecting aged care, pharmacy and clinicians to offer a better and more innovative way of enhancing consumer safety and care.


Laying the foundation to assist over 250,000 Australians

Driven to find a better way to use the latest technology to manage medications for the elderly, BESTMED began as the idea of two pharmacists. Knowing there must be a better way to address the industry's challenges, they founded BESTMED in Sydney Australia in 2015. Over the next decade, they have grown BESTMED from its humble beginnings into Australia's leading cloud-based medication management network.

  • Connecting the whole care team
  • Minimising medication errors
  • Integrating with medication packing and sachet checking machines
  • Enabling more care time
  • Providing real-time reporting

Now comprising a suite of technology solutions that seamlessly link into a single cloud-based medication chart for each consumer, BESTMED has become the gold standard in medication management.

Over the past decade, our team has grown from two to over 80, with over 250,000 unique consumers benefiting since our launch. As we move into our second decade, we’re flying across Australia connecting a record number of sites, integrating with technology partners and working with Macquarie Uni researchers on the next breakthroughs.


Australia's Best Medication Management Network

As Australia's favourite eNRMC medication management solution for aged care, BESTMED provides an end-to-end network that connects medication prescribing, dispensing and administration to a single resident medication record for improved transparency and safety.

Cloud-based, real-time and transcription-free, BESTMED is an industry leader in developing systems to improve safety, efficiencies and reporting to meet aged care requirements. Investing millions in research and development to eradicate medication errors, BESTMED is already working on next-generation solutions in partnership with Macquarie University researchers. It’s why over 1,000 homes and the majority of Australia’s largest providers choose BESTMED’s connected medication management network for their consumers.

Our unique medication network allows the generation of NRMC medication charts, signing sheets, packaging of DAA’s, automated dispensing, account management, online ordering, and electronic medication administration.

It gives pharmacy owners unparalleled control over their dispensary system, reducing manual handling, minimising  margins for error, and allowing faster and more precise sorting, dosing, cutting, grinding, packaging and checking of drugs. And it allows aged care facilities to focus on confidently providing vulnerable Australians care and better medication safety. Every day. Every time.


Delivering Better Medication Safety

We care passionately about health and consumer wellbeing. Our management team brings together decades of experience in Australia’s healthcare sector.

Phil Offer

Chief Executive Officer

Leading our vision to transform medication management, Phil is passionate about enabling deeper customer understanding, and finding sustainable ways to improve the way they work. With over 10 years experience in digital health executive roles, including primary care software (MedicalDirector), chronic disease management (George Institute for Global Health) and telehealth (My Emergency Doctor), Phil is a Chartered Accountant (UK) and holds a Master of Arts (Cambridge University).

Jay Hijazi

Jay Hijazi

Founder & Chief Information Officer

Driving BESTMED's technical vision and leading the development of its suite of products, Jay has a forward-thinking approach and a relentless pursuit of excellence. With 30 years of industry experience in technology strategy and development, Jay holds a Masters in Business Administration and a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science alongside co-authoring two books in the IBM Redbook series.

Amanda Fieldhouse

Amanda Fieldhouse

National Clinical Executive

Driven to find ways of delivering improved outcomes, Amanda combines a warmth with industry understanding and genuine passion for aged care staff and consumers. She has over 30 years experience, including senior management roles in the private and public healthcare sectors. A qualified RN, with ICU qualifications and an MBA majoring in Health and Hospital Administration, Amanda previously held the role of VIC/TAS State Manager with LASA.

Shadi Sultan

Shadi Sultan

Head of Customer Care, Robotics & IT

Our resident master of solutions, Shadi is an integral part of the BESTMED team. Managing the IT, Robotics, and Customer Care teams, his genuine passion and care are reflected in his support and dedication to our customers. Holding a Bachelor of Computer Science. Shadi consistently strives to enhance customer experiences and drive innovation within the company.

Rimmi Minhas

Rimmi Minhas

Financial Controller

An instrumental part of BESTMED, Rimmi leads the talented finance team and is passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. She believes that successful finance teams play an instrumental role in helping organisations achieve their goals. With a wealth of experience spanning multiple healthcare industries. Rimmi is a qualified accountant with BAcct, MAcc and associate of CPA and is dedicated to improving the growth and vision of BESTMED.

Amir Sinanovic

Director of Sales

Passionate about driving growth and excellence in the aged care industry, Amir is focused on fostering innovation and collaboration that delivers tailored medication management solutions to our customers' unique needs. He has over 25 years of commercial experience cultivating a results-driven team that is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care to our clients.

Ben Kelland

Ben Kelland

Senior Product Manager

Drawing on his extensive 14 years of experience as a pharmacist, Ben approaches product development with a focus on generating deep insights to create meaningful improvements. Always seeking ways to innovate, Ben holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy and a graduate certificate in Business, Accounting, and Finance.

Kyle Stewart

Kyle Stewart

Head of Product

Overseeing our talented product team, Kyle's focus is on improving consumer outcomes and driving innovation. He brings a wealth of digital health knowledge and experience to BESTMED, having held senior product roles within the sector for over 15 years.

Kirstie Galloway Smith

Implementation Manager

Passionate about enabling the industry to improve their high level of consumer care, Kirstie is responsible for implementing BESTMED in pharmacies and aged care homes. She has over ten years of experience delivering successful outcomes in projects within the healthcare industry.

Felice Dumpleton

Customer Care Team Lead

Focusing on making a difference in improving the lives of others, Felice’s experience, exceptional knowledge and genuine care, equip her to lead the team in providing the best support to our customers. She has over 10 years experience working within aged and home care, and has worked extensively within our implementation team, training BESTMED customers across Australia.

Baktash Mohebbi

Baktash Mohebbi

Business Development Manager

Excited by nexus of innovation and learning, Baktash’s harnesses technology to provide solutions and value for both aged care and pharmacy. As a registered pharmacist, he brings an expansive knowledge of the healthcare sector, having worked in multiple roles across aged care, pharmacy, automation, pharmaceutical sales, eHealth, telehealth, technology, insurance, and corporate wellbeing.

Naomi Sia

Naomi Sia

Pharmacy Specialist

Dedicated to serving the elderly and vulnerable, Naomi is driven to find improved ways that technology can be used to overcome industry challenges, and achieve improved outcomes for all stakeholders. She holds a Bachelor of Pharmacy with Honours, is an AHPRA Registered Pharmacist, and has worked extensively as a community and aged care pharmacist.

Surinder Kaur

Surinder Kaur

Relationship Manager

Dedicated to improving the well-being of our ageing population, Surinder is an experienced pharmacist with over 20 years in community pharmacy. At BESTMED she delivers implementations across Australia and is dedicated to fostering strong client relationships and delivering top-notch service.

Hannah Hall

Marketing Professional

With a genuine passion for the healthcare sector and making a difference in the lives of others, Hannah is an experienced marketing and communications professional with over 17 years’ experience. She holds degrees in Marketing, Communications and Science, and is responsible for marketing and events at BESTMED.


“BESTMED’s commitment to our success went beyond. They actively partnered with us to develop a comprehensive implementation plan, investing significant time and resources into informative, engaging, and tailored staff training and support.”

Imtiaz Bhayat
CIO, Regis Aged Care

“BESTMED understands the needs of our residential aged care facility clients as well as the common workflow pain points for pharmacies.”

David McConville
Owner, Gunn & McConville Medication Management

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