Seamless, cloud-based connection to doctors and aged care facilities.

BESTMED’s end-to-end medication management network seamlessly connects pharmacies to aged care facilities and clinicians, and provides operational efficiencies and scale through automated medication packing and sachet checking.


Enhanced business efficiencies. Improved consumer outcomes.

Implementing BESTMED’s unique medication management network, pharmacy owners have unparalleled control over the management of their clients’ medication needs. With electronic processing and automations you will:

  • Improve accuracy
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce manual intervention
  • Minimise stress & human error

And with a large array of automations, configurations and workflows, you’ll be able to offer your aged care clients the individualised service they require.


Automating Pharmacy Operations

BESTpack allows pharmacists to focus more on consumer care and customer service by simplifying and automating pharmacy operations. With accurate, efficient fulfilment of e-prescriptions and medication supply, pharmacy staff are freed from manual, repetitive tasks and the risks of human error. Our medication management technology drives best practice pharmacies across Australia.

  • Reduced data entry
  • Electronic prescription processing
  • Automated medication packing
  • Reduced DAA packing errors
  • Automated reports & audits
  • Easily manage customer preferences

Ensure your business stays competitive.

Medication Packing Machines

Provide DAA service to more customers as you say goodbye to manual packing. Our best-in-class medication pouch packing machines lead the world in accuracy and efficiency, packing up to 60 sachets every minute.

Sachet Checking Machines

Minimise DAA errors as you electronically verify packed medication. Scanning up to 90 sachets per minute, our checking machines analyse 13 parameters including shape, size and colour, reducing errors to as few as 1.33 sachets per million.

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