Introducing BESTtrack, an electronic controlled drugs register

BESTMED announces their latest feature – BESTtrack, a secure electronic controlled drug register designed for residential aged care homes that integrates with BESTMED.

Replacing traditional paper-based recording methods, which are susceptible to manual entry errors and loss or damage, BESTtrack provides a secure record for residential aged care homes to track restricted S8 and S4D medications.

“We are continuously looking at ways to improve safety and efficiencies in medication management,” said BESTMED CEO, Phil Offer. “BESTtrack addresses our customers’ need for a safer and more efficient way for care staff to manage medication management and restricted drugs with a single software vendor.”

Cloud-based, BESTtrack provides a simple way for homes to:

  • accurately record and track multiple safes
  • access real-time comprehensive reporting and,
  • streamline pharmacy supply and ordering

BESTtrack addresses state-based legislation and provides increased accountability while supporting users with alerts and prompts.

“Our roadmap, funded by a $3m annual development spend, is dedicated to solutions that improve medication management with the best-fit technology to address customer needs”, said Mr Offer.

Currently, in beta testing BESTtrack will be available as an option in the rollout of upcoming releases, either integrated with BESTMED or as a standalone product. Registrations of interest are now open at

As Australia’s favourite end-to-end eNRMC medication management provider, BESTMED is an industry leader in developing systems to improve safety, efficiencies and reporting to meet the changing requirements in aged care. BESTMED invests over $3m pa in research and development to eradicate medication errors and is already working on next-generation solutions in partnership with Macquarie University1 researchers. It’s why over 550 homes and the majority of Australia’s largest providers choose BESTMED’s Connected Medication Management for their consumers.


First published in Inside Ageing, 14 February 2023 and The Weekly Source, 16 February 2023.

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