A Pioneering Industry Event Navigating the Age of Change

Over the last couple of years, aged care has accelerated its use of technology that is used to provide care, save time and enhance reporting outcomes to meet the needs of the sector. This is evident in how electronic medication management (eMM) and the eNRMC have transformed medication management; however, the question remains … what lies ‘Beyond the Chart’? 

The inaugural BESTMED 2024 Conference focuses on where technology, research and innovation are leading the future of medication management for aged care, home care and pharmacy.  

The event focuses on where current and future technology and developments can be used to further improve safety, compliance and efficiencies within the aged care sector. Featuring thought leaders from industry, research, government and the wider healthcare sector, the aim of the conference is to equip attendees with practical learnings and discussions on how to best use technology to improve care for the vulnerable in our community.

“The conference agenda titled ‘Beyond the Chart’ is a new opportunity to hear from key thought leaders and peers on how they are navigating the age of change together with BESTMED’s plans to assist,” says Phil Offer, Chief Executive Officer at BESTMED. 

As a partner innovator in the sector, this is the perfect opportunity to share your experiences and the role you play in defining the future of aged care. Connect with clinical and operational decision makers from across the sector and engage in practical insights and  robust dialogue, with industry and government, and research leaders.  

“With new care standards commencing 1 July, 2024, the agenda provides an update on the changes. Our speakers will cut through the jargon to give a clear assessment on the opportunities. Given how rapidly technology evolves it and can be challenging to differentiate between what is robust and ready to deliver benefits now,” explains Phil.

Supporting over 1,000 residential aged care facilities across Australia, and over 90,000 consumers relying on BESTMED every day for their medication management, BESTMED is truly a trusted voice in medication management and leading innovation. 

With the rapid acceptance of medication management software, Phil says it was the right time to create an event that showcases new ideas and technology for the clinical and technology leaders in ageing. 

“BESTMED has curated speakers from our customers, researchers, government, and our partners. We will stimulate discussion and provide a forum for BESTMED to hear back from our customers which will help us refine our future plans,” he adds. 

By bringing together professionals, these events provide a forum for discussing and addressing common challenges faced by the industry. This collective problem-solving approach can lead to the development of strategies and solutions that benefit the entire sector. ‘Beyond The Chart’ encourages collaboration between medication management softwares, providers, aged care facilities and other stakeholders. 

Through this pioneering event, BESTMED is looking towards setting a new benchmark for events in the aged care sector in Australia.

Engagement in the sector has the ability to grow leaps and bounds if facilitated well. With so many reforms and industry updates occurring regularly, these conversations help the sector adapt to new consumer and government expectations.

As published by HelloCare, on 26 February, 2024.


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